Ariana Sturr

Exhibition at Studio 106 LA. Santa Monica, CA. 2015





Installation: Unfired clay, grasses


Description: Participatory installation inviting viewers to walk through precisely placed rows of bundled grasses. Over the course of the exhibition the grasses began to dry, fall, and scatter while the raw clay began to crack and stain the floor. The work is a reflection on our desire to control natural processes and its limitations. 

Human Sun Print

Performance documented through cyanotype paper

4ft x 5ft


Description: Artifact from a performance in which I instructed someone to roll across cyanotype paper. Using the human body as a medium I instructed the performer in ways that created interesting shadows. Each column is a 20-minute session of the performer engaging with the sun and the paper, creating a total 2-hour performance. As the performer rolled, danced, and moved across the paper, the paper and her skin were exposed to direct sunlight. Changing the color of the paper and her skin.  

Butterfly Cloud

Ink jet prints on transparency film, fishing line, light bulbs, clothes pins


Description: Walk-through installation of suspended images of butterflies. Images were created by placing dead butterflies on a flatbed scanner and printing the scans on transparency film. The butterflies appear to be alive yet frozen in the air and trapped in a two dimensional space. A commentary on man-made atmospheric poisons and human abstraction of natural beauty. 

Frozen Farm

Resin, dried bouquet, dried rose plant, EL wire, walnut wood

12in x 8in x 2in


Description: Framed resin-preserved dried plants and flowers highlighted by neon lighting. Inspired by my study of commercial growing practices that distort and accelerate the natural cycle of growth and decay.  

Processed Tree

Digitally scanned and purposely corrupted film, printed on Inkjet paper

16in x22in


Description: Documentation of a performance in which I instructed a participant to engage in the landscape using fabric. The work plays with human attempts to control and subdue nature. 

Man-made Hive, Yoke, 2015 Inkjet prints of flatbed scanned deceased bees
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